Call for WG2 Co-Leaders and WG5 Leader and Co-Leader

We are sure that within our TrANsMIT network we have people full of ideas and eager to help us with coordinating works in the Action. That is why now we are looking for people that would like to take the following positions:

WG 2 (Process modelling and simulation for CCUS) Co-Leader
WG 5 (Life-Cycle Thinking in CCUS) Leader
WG 5 (Life-Cycle Thinking in CCUS) Co-Leader
In general, the WG Leaders are responsible for:

-Coordinating and managing activities and tasks associated with achieving the COST Action scientific and networking objectives specific to the Working Group they lead;
-Providing input for the preparation of the Progress Reports and Final Achievement Report and presenting the progress of the Working Group to the Action MC, and the COST Association, if deemed necessary;
-Ensuring the appropriate dissemination of results and outputs generated by the Working Group in order to maximise the impact of the COST Action.
For more information please see Annotated Rules for Cost Actions document and MoU. For detailed goals of each WG please see description of the project.

If you are interested please send your application consisting of motivation letter briefly explaining why you want to be involved and what are your goals as a WG Leader and means to reach these goals (1 page) and a short CV, to our Grant Awarding Coordinator, Daria Katla-Milewska ( by January 28th 2024.

In case you have any question don’t hesitate to ask.